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Ultimate Guide to DLP

This 26 page comprehensive guide provides a technical overview of digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing, along with the latest on top-down printing and new types of photopolymer resins that deliver durable, elastomeric material properties, including closed-cell foams.

Learn everything you need to know about production-volume 3D printing with DLP technology, including the latest in machine design and material advancements.

Download your whitepaper


Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why DLP is the fastest, smartest way to 3D print with light
  • About the latest updates in DLP printer designs
  • Why a new category of DuraChain™ resins is a breakthrough
  • Important considerations for DLP light engines
  • Why DLP technology is ready for volume production of end-use parts


Einstein customized options

High-Resolution Printing 

Our optics are designed from the ground up to reduce image distortion and ensure the maximum amount of energy is transferred from the LED light source for: 

  • Exceptionally precise curing
  • Resulting in finer detailed parts
Einstein plp - industrial dlp chip

Industrial Grade DLP®️ Chip 

Harnessing the power of an industrial grade  DLP®️ chip allows for higher contrast that results in:

  • Higher contrast ratios
  • Smooth surface resolution
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Delivering Premium Products

At Desktop Health, our team is passionate in the belief that DLP is one of the few  3D printing process technologies capable of delivering:

  • Less waste
  • Sustainable on-demand production